About Us

Aviation Medical Services is owned and operated by Dr Tallent.

After qualifying in medicine in 1981 Dr Tallent joined the RAF, gaining his pilot’s wings after training on the Jet Provost at RAF Cranwell and the Hawk at RAF Valley. He went on to the TWU course at RAF Brawdy but after being assessed unsuitable for fast jets transferred to the RAF Medical Branch, completing tours at RAF Honington and RAF Hospital Wroughton, with detachments to the Falkland Islands and Ascension Island. He completed postgraduate training in general practice during this period.

Leaving the RAF in 1990 he gained his commercial pilot’s licence before joining Dan-Air as company aeromedical specialist in 1991 where he flew the BAC 1-11 as a first officer in addition to his medical duties. Following the takeover of Dan-Air by British Airways in 1992 he joined the CAA Medical Division, initially in the clinic carrying out initial Class 1 medicals and subsequently in the certification department where he was actively involved in the development and implementation of JAR-FCL3, and continued as a part-time first officer on the BAC 1-11 with European Aviation Air Charter.  He completed the B737-200 groundschool with European in 2005, regrettably the increasing demands of the practice precluded further airline flying.

He moved into independent practice in 1999, and has run Brookdale Medical Centre since April 2001. From 2000 he also carried out initial and renewal Class 1 medicals one day per week at the Aeromedical Centre, Mater Private Hospital, Dublin, ceasing this work in 2006 to focus exclusively on running Aviation Medical Services at Brookdale. He holds a low-mileage JAR ATPL and occasionally flies light aircraft from Redhill Aerodrome. He is married with a 22 year-old son Richard, studying Medicine at St Andrews, and 18 year-old daughter Rachel,  an apprentice with Virgin Holidays.

Medical Qualifications:

  • MB ChB Sheffield 1981
  • Member of the Royal College of General Practitioners 1989
  • Diploma in Aviation Medicine 1992
  • Associate of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine 1995

Dr Tallent is authorised and equipped at Brookdale Medical Centre to perform all classes of medicals as an aviation medical examiner (AME) to the following aviation authorities:

  • UK CAA (JAA and National)
  • FAA
  • Transport Canada
  • Australian CASA
  • Hong Kong CAD
  • Nigerian CAA
  • Ugandan CAA
  • South African CAA
  • Seychelles CAA

UK General Medical Council (GMC) status: Dr Tallent’s GMC number is 2709521.  He is registered with a licence to practise, and is on the GP Register.

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