New Zealand

New Zealand Immigration Medicals:

Applicants for permanent residency are required to bring with them:

Form INZ 1121 Health Requirements indicates which forms are required depending on the individual circumstances and visa class.

Please bring any available medical reports on operations or current medical conditions – we can request further details if we consider it advisable to do so.  In this case the applicant simply completes and signs a consent form at the time of the medical, we then write to your GP requesting a medical report – the system works very well. We make no additional charge for this; the GP usually charges the applicant a reasonable administration fee for writing the report.

The blood tests are required for all applicants aged 15 years and older.   Fasting prior to the blood test is no longer required (from 1 August 2012).

Charges (including 20% VAT and postage):

  • General Medical CXR & Blood Tests required for applicants 15 and over – £299.00
  • Limited Medical CXR & Blood Tests for applicants 15 and over – £239.00
  • Medical & CXR required for applicant 11 and over – £175.00
  • Children under 11 – £66.00

We accept cash, cheques and most major credit/debit cards.


The position as advised by HMRC Policy and Solicitor’s Office (personal communication from HMRC to Dr Tallent, 25 January 2011) is that VAT is payable on New Zealand immigration medicals carried out in the UK with effect from 2007,  unless there are other relevant circumstances, eg revenue of the business entity is below the VAT threshold.  In addition the First Tier Tax Tribunal decision dated 21 May 2012 confirms that VAT is payable on Australian immigration medicals.


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